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General Content - This website is for general patronage and all the items on the site are for wholesome reading and viewing. It deals with the Philippines and it is a good source of information about this tropical country in Southeast Asia. It provides book lists and general psychology guide. It has selected external links, three selected topics (places-destination, philately and faith expressions), and messages-and-greetings section.


Dedication - This website is dedicated to my little angel, Gabby, who is a source of inspiration and an active contributor to the website.

Philippines, 1st Edition

This section contains one of the main topics of the website: Philippines, 1st Edition. Information and data published before 2018 are on the pages of the section site. It  gives an introduction and provides information on the government, socio-political structure, languages and dialects, and geographic location of the Philippines. It has a country profile, articles on Filipino culture such as national symbols, heroes and heroines and local greetings, a list of some prominent Filipinos, a photo gallery of Christmas and flowers and Philippine placestext and photo blog documents, notes on the biodiversity and natural resources of the Philippines and some other important topics. Finally,  it contains an inspiration, acknowledgement and reference section that identifies the source of inspiration, lists the people who gave assistance to the author at one time or another and makes public a good number of reference materials.

Book Lists

This section of the website contains lists of children's books and lists of books on various topics such as anthropology, Philippines, psychology, self-help, and faith. For more information, go to Book Lists. Here are more links to the pages of Book Lists: Children's Books on Mathematics, Education, and Faith and Inspiration, Philippines and Psychology, and Various Topics.

General Psychology / Introduction to Psychology

This section provides substantial information on general psychology (Psychology 1 or Psychology 101), an introductory course in psychology which is a required subject for all college and university students of the Philippines. This is, quite honestly, an extremely helpful and excellent guide for students; it is a guide that students would not want to miss. For more information, go to General Psychology. Here are more links to the pages of the section: Reviewer, Quizzes, Self-Study Guide and Guide Questions.

Selected Links

This section contains many external links to websites which the author-organizer have visited before. These links are a form of sharing information which may benefit other users of the internet. For more information, go to Selected Links.

Selected Topic - Faith Expression

This section was made over a long period of time; perhaps, it took more than a decade to create it. It contains many Christian faith expressions by my little angel Gabby and me as well as many Bible topics and verses. And these expressions of faith will assist you in learning about God and His Word (The Bible) in an enjoyable, heart-warming manner.

About / Greetings-Messages

This section provides information about me, the author-organizer, and it contains my photos, my little angel's photos and art works, and my greetings and messages as well as the copyright notice of the website. About -


Greetings/Messages -


Related to this section is another section entitled, "Selected Personal Writings." These are articles which I wrote previously. A number of them, I think, have lots of emotions in them. Another related item is Philately or Stamp Collecting, which is located in the Selected Topics section. In the philately subsection, you will find Pilatelika Pilipinas, Olympics on Stamps and many more Topics for Collection, such as aviation, children and Christmas, dogs, flowers, and landscapes and scenery.

AN INVITATION:  Come and visit the Philippines. See its beautiful sights, tastes its delightful food and learn its fascinating culture. Discover the seldom talked-about but genuine hospitality and kindness of the Filipino people. Come and discover this tropical country of more than 7,100 islands!


A SUGGESTION: Some countries are featured on this site under the Selected Topics section. These are: Greece, Israel, Singapore, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden and the United States of America.

Send an e-mail for comments or suggestions as well as notification of an error or copyright infringement. Copyright © 2011-2018; All Rights Reserved ®; By Alex Moises and My Little Angel Gabby

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